The Canadian Tube Fly Company
CTFC Goodies
Who dosn't need a fly box sticker or a bottle opener for those after fishing
root beers?
Fish Skeleton Opener
Fish Opener
Laminated - Water Proof - Fly Box Sticker
Light weight plastic / stainless steel line clippers. These are perfect for
your fly vest. They are feather light and will not corrode or tarnish.
Samsung Galaxy
Apple I-Phone
Water - tight clamps
Small Logo
Samsung Galaxy
Apple I-Phone
Cards, Money, etc.
Small Logo
For any fisherman who has dunked their phone in the water before, this is a must!  
100 % water proof, these cases will fit almost all styles of smart-phones. In fact, the
Samsung Galaxy pictured above is actually in an Otter Box too and it still fits
nicely in the bag. These have been a big hit with our guide friends.
river or in a boat, these bags are
perfect for all of your water
sensative gear. Whether it be your
new $600 phone, your favourite
point and shoot camera, or day to
day items like your after fishing
beer money or credit cards, these
bags will keep everything "high
and dry"!
Key Chain Bottle Opener


Colour / Style

LIne Clipper



CTFC Waterproof Case


CTFC Smart Phone Waterproof Case


CTFC Fly Box Sticker $1.99 per sticker

CTFC Russian Intruder Sticker $4.99 per sticker

We took one of our most popular tube fly patterns and made it into a Weather proof
sticker. The Purple and Red Russian Intruder!