The Canadian Tube Fly Company
NEW FOR 2018
We believe in presenting a multitude of products that
suite the
imagination and creativity of tube fly tyers.
You will not find specific, one way thinking tube fly
"systems" on our site. Instead we present several
different tube styles and materials that put the
imagination back into tying tubes!
This fur also has the all-to-imortant,
natural taper that allows your tube to have
the classic temple dog style wing. Not
only a winner for  Scandinavian style
wings but also great for fantastic salt
water patterns.
This new Speckled Scandinavian tube is
remarkable! When extruded a large amount of
glitter is added directly into the hot plastic.
This makes a tube that is a bit bumpy to the
feel but has the great attribute of never losing
the glitter. Many tyers are now using this
tubing to make some fantastic looking bodies
on their tube flies!
Our Large Grey Goose that has
been chemically treated and then
re-moisturized is just that.
Finally a spey feather that has
the "burnt" look to the hackle
barbs but not the dried out stem.
No need to soak these little
beauties before you wind them on!
If you have ever had a full skin of
Guinea Fowl, you will know that
there are a few choice hackles on the
skin that are really big, but are not
yet a thick, quilled feather. These
select, extra long feathers are between
3 to 5 inches in length!
These half saddles are fantastic for
any pattern that uses a thin feather.
We love them for tying Intruders,
streamers, and bait fish imitations.
The barred look of the grizzly really
makes minnow patterns come alive
with a very realistic looking lateral
line when in the current.
If you have been tying for some time, you
have probably seen Indian Capes before. They
are often the forgotten feathers found in
discount bins of your local shop. I think most
tyers, especially if you started tying as a kid
probably started with Indian feathers for one
major reason....... the huge difference in cost!
We are big fans of dying over natural colours!
There is a good deal of tying that needs intense
colours, though often forgotten, is having flies
that have a hint of colour and still resemble
something more natural. These dyed over bronze
schlappen are just that.
Married wings can be a beautiful addition
to any salmon or steelhead pattern!
These goose shoulder feathers have been
selected to be almost free of stress marks
(the flaws on feather fibers that can make
them hard to marry).
We have been looking for a
more realistic hook pin for
years and have not had
much luck. So of course, we
decided to make our own!
Too often delicate feathers and fur will
often become matted down while in the
current, giving a tube fly a slim look.
We created the Egret Prop Tube to not
only create a bigger look with your
favourite patters but also to give it better
Because of huge demand, and because of many personal requests, we are now offering a
Limited Series run of tubes!
These will be seasonal and will only be available when the
tied flies are in stock.

We know that these tubes are not inexpensive. They are hand tied by members of our
Pro Staff in Canada! They are the same flies many of our Pro Staffers use on their
limited days on the river. They are so well built that we often only use one two or three
flies in a full day of fishing. They are not the old traditional favourites. They are
patterns that are innovative and incorporate the latest material and techniques that we
are using on our own ties.