The Canadian Tube Fly Company
Instructional DVD's
It is not often we come across a resource that has more step by step tying
information than this. We are often asked to recommend tying
Everyone from beginners to the most experienced tyers will
find these videos a must.

All full length videos are tied and narrated by Luc Brais. He originally
issued these videos as a subscription resource that were all web based. In
receiving so many requests for a "Hard Copy" that tyers could have for
their computers near their tying areas, he couldn't help but make them
into a DVD set!
All 538 videos are indexed on the
document to the left. As you can
see, almost every imaginable type
of fly is represented, even tubes!
The DVD set is commpatable
with both PC and Macintosh
systems, a great resource for your
tying room.
Here are a couple of examples of the fine detail put into the step by step
flies from Fly Tying or All!
Order your 10 DVD set today for $59.95!