If you have ever caught a Pacific Salmon
on a fly, in the salt water, you know that
the fight can not be  beat! Saltwater tube
flies have proven to be a real asset when
targeting Pacific Salmon. Not only do tube
flies give a larger profile when fished as a
bait fish pattern, they also allow you to use
different sized
hooks when targeting
different species. We have had several of
our customers use these patterns
successfully on the East Coast and the
Caribbean too.
The Canadian Tube Fly Company
Saltwater Tube Flies
Brass Eyed Prawn
Salt Water Tube Flies for Pacific Salmon
Crippled Minnow-
Crippled Minnow - Blue
Chartreuse Minnow
Spey Prawn
Light Herring
Silver Prawn
Dark Herring
Clouser Minnow -
Clouser Minnow -
Clouser Minnow -
Clouser Minnow -
Coho Prawn
Yak Attack
Sand Lance
Orange Minnow
Purple Flash Fly
Silver Doctor Flash Fly
Chartreuse Flash Fly
Orange Flash Fly
Coho Blue
Leggy Prawn
Micro Minnow Blue
Micro Minnow Orange
Micro Minnow Pink
Micro Minnow
Chartreuse Diving
Minnow (BT)
Purple Diving Minnow
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Please take a look at our selection of tubes that are
our favourite salt water patterns.
Most of the
tubes, fur, feathers, hooks, shanks, and
other materials used to create these patterns can be
ordered in our
 fly tying section and will be sent out
next business day!